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Danisam Ground Penetrating Radar Services



On time, on task and on target.  The Danisam team will work to meet your scheduling needs and help you meet your project targets.


With more than a decade working in the industry, the team at Danisam have the experience and knowledge you'd expect of only the best operators.

At Danisam we use only the best industry standards for equipment and techniques, ensuring accurate detections and locations.


About Us

DANISAM is a Darwin, NT based company specialising in finding the precise location of hidden and underground assets.  Our high level of experience, together with our adherence to industry best practices and standards, enables our skilled team to provide a high-quality service to you.

We pride ourselves on our ability to locate assets on time and without damage to essential services.  We’ve earned a reputation for success in underground utility and asset locating, and we’ve worked very hard to earn this reputation, so we’re also quite proud of it.

When the precise location of any hidden underground cable or pipe is what you need, the experts at Danisam are who you call.

Why Choose Danisam?

When you need to get the job done quickly, reliably and accurately you call Danisam.  When you choose Danisam, you can rest assured your project will benefit from our dedication to meeting your time sensitive project needs and that we will deliver results you can rely on.  Plus, with our proactive approach, Danisam can help you anticipate potential problems and prevent them from happening.  

We work constantly to improve our knowledge by staying abreast of the latest industry news and education.  Our equipment is regularly reviewed and tested to the latest standards, ensuring we always have the best performing combination of technology, education and experience.   With years of industry experience across a broad rage of challenging environments, we are the perfect choice to meet your needs for ground penetrating radar services that are reliable and accurate, and supported by our team of knowledgable experts.

Don't settle for just any ground penetrating radar service provider - choose the team at Danisam and experience the difference in working with true experts in the field. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.

Ground Penetrating Radar service by Danisam
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